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Journal Papers

[1] Chuang Yang, Zhi Xiong, Jianye Liu, et al. A brain-inspired relative navigation method for collective UAVs based on neurodynamics of social place cells and grid cells[J]. Journal of Navigation (under review).

[2] Chuang Yang, Zhi Xiong, Jianye Liu, Lijun Chao, Yudi Chen. A path integration approach based on multi-scale grid cells for large-scale navigation[J]. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, doi: 10.1109/TCDS.2021.3092609. Video

[3] Chuang Yang, Jianye Liu, Zhi Xiong, Lijun Chao. Brain-inspired vector navigation method based on model of multi-scale grid cells[J]. Journal of Chinese Inertial Technology, 2020, 28(02):179-185. (EI, in Chinese). PDF | Summary | Video

[4] Chuang Yang, Jianye Liu, Zhi Xiong, Jizhou Lai, Jun Xiong. Brain-inspired navigation technology integrating perception and action decision: A review and outlook[J]. Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, 2020, 41(1):323280. doi:10.7527/S1000-6893.2019.23280. (EI, in Chinese). PDF | News & Views

[5] Jianye Liu, Chuang Yang, Zhi Xiong, Jizhou Lai, Jun Xiong. Attractor neural network-based brain-inspired navigation technology[J]. Navigation Positioning & Timing, 2019, 6(5): 52-60. (in Chinese)

[6] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang, Shuanglei Li, et al. Vibration analysis of transmission lines based on MIMU[J]. Journal of Vibration and Shock, 2018, 37(11): 230-236. (EI, in Chinese). Award

[7] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang, Jinbao Jiang. A robust mag/INS-based orientation estimation algorithm for measurement while drilling[J]. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2017, 17(23): 7971–7980. (SCI). Award

[8] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang. MEMS gyro signal reconstruction via layerwise and adaptive MP[J]. Optics and Precision Engineering, 2017, 25(12): 3160-3168. (EI, in Chinese)

[9] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang, Zhitao Jiang. Adaptive extraction of gravity information for drilling tool with magnetic and inertial integrated system[J]. Journal of china coal society, 2017, 42(12): 3331-3337. (EI, in Chinese)

[10] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang. Signal extraction of mems gyro utilized in MWD based on sparse representation[J]. Chinese Journal of Sensors & Actuators, 2017, 30(11): 1677-1683. (in Chinese)

[11] Jinxian Yang, Chuang Yang. Gyro drift estimation and compensation based on gravity quaternion[J]. Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators, 2017, 30(8): 1187-1192. (in Chinese)

Conferences Papers

[1] Zhi Xiong, Yating Wang, Chuang Yang, Jianye Liu, et al. Design and key technologies of brain-inspired autonomous navigation. [J]. 2020 Symposium on Science and Technology Workers of Chinese Society of Inertial Technology–Inertial Sensor Technology and Application. Nanyang China, 2020.10.


[1] Chuang Yang, Jianye Liu, Zhi Xiong. A new paradigm of brain-inspired navigation integrating perception and decision, (学习强国), March 4, 2020. Link

[2] Chuang Yang, Jianye Liu. Brain-inspired navigation technology and its applications in unmanned autonomous system[J]. Naas & Inertal Technology, 2019, 200+201:151-152. (in Chinese)